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Estancia San Pedro de Timote


Tourism at estancias in Uruguay only started in 1990 when estancia-owners began exploring additional sources of income to overcome the crisis. At that time, many farms diversified into cash crops such as grain, rice and soya, and into rural tourism.

Now 23 years later, most of the rural tourist ventures are start ups since their conception, with a very organized and well presented agenda. Currently, there are about 40 rural estancias ready to cater for tourists throughout Uruguay, but only a few are strictly active ranchers, generating a significant part of their income with livestock and agriculture. Although cattle breeding with gauchos on criollo horses is a common view, technological advances are seen everywhere. 

While regional tourism values comfort, it seems as if international visitors value authenticity.  ‘Real’ estancias run by its owners are still the favored guest houses, offering visitors a space to participate in the daily events of an estancia. Waking up in a authentic estancia can be an incredible experience and a very special insight into the life on the Uruguayan countryside.. Some guests choose them to unwind and work in the quiet garden or even cook. Estancias provide options for everyone.

Estancia San Pedro De Timote Portón in Uruguay
Estancia San Pedro De Timote Portón in Uruguay

Three top estancias in Uruguay in 2013

Many estancias  can be easily found online but I want to highlight 3 of them for their location, their outdoor activities, such as horseriding, birdwatching  and trekking  and delicious homemade meals!

The Estancia San Pedro de Timote located in Florida, is one of the most important touristic estancias.  As most estancias across Uruguay, it shows a certain slightly old fashioned  European style from before 1950 when Uruguay belonged to the world´s wealthiest countries. The magnificent house still reflects the glorious times of the estancia preserving its charming architecture and facilities.

Estancia San Pedro De Timote Patio in Uruguay
Estancia San Pedro De Timote Portón in Uruguay



Estancia Finca Piedra is located in San Jose only 120 km from Montevideo and in a very convenient location. It reveals the real Uruguayan country life with a look at what a productive estancia does. It has over 1000 hectares spread out over the Mahoma hills and its vineyard is located on the hillside. The winery is one of the best in Uruguay. It offers a wide range of activities and excellent accommodation.

Estancia Finca Piedra
Estancia Finca Piedra in Uruguay



Estancia La Paz.

The road trip of 330km trip from Montevideo takes about 4 hours but it is very much worth it. Driving up north into Paysandu and arriving to La Paz is a unique experience. The estancia dates back to 1854 and it certainly has a story to tell.

Most of the estancias are gradually being converted in a new breed of “designer” farms where all you need to do is find a nearest hammock to absorb the scenery and enjoy the great pleasures of life.

San Pedro Estancia in Uruguay
San Pedro Estancia in Uruguay

We currently have a beautiful estancia for sale. This ranch is located next to Uruguay’s highest point, El Cerro del Catedral. Its numerous natural features include waterfalls, tracks, lagoons, caves, viewpoints and an observatory. Another wonderful 15 hectares farm with an approx. 700m2 main house is just a few minutes from Jose Ignacio enjoying wonderful privacy.


Estancias in Uruguay
Stable with Horses on a estancia in Uruguay

For more information on how to obtain more info about estancias for sale or to buy one in Uruguay please contact us. 

By Mary Ann Thompson





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