Forbes Coronavirus Deals: 5 Cheapest Places To Buy Real Estate Now And Make Money, includes Uruguay!

Places To Buy Real Estate Now And Make Money Includes Uruguay

Forbes featured yesterday an Article with International Coronavirus Real Estate deals with countries and places to buy Real Estate now and make money right now and one of them is Uruguay. Real Estate Prices in Uruguay, especially in the Punta Del Este area used to be very high but have come down in the last few years significantly. The exceptional handling of the Corona Virus crisis by the new Uruguayan government and the new law issued by them, that a foreigner can now receive tax residency with a property investment under 400K and have only to be a minimum of 60 days in the country, has triggered a frenzy. Before it was a Minimum of 1.8M and over 180 days in the Country. The fact that a few thousand wealthier Argentines are waiting until the border to Uruguay opens to take advantage of the new law, Americans who want to get out of the crowded US cities, lets not only Forbes speculate that prices will increase but us as local Brokers as well. We expect to see a similar boom they had in Portugal a few years ago when they introduced the Golden Visa program.

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