Ibero-American Cinema Platinum Awards Gala

2016 Ibero-American Cinema Platinum Awards Gala in Punta Del Este – Camera Action in Punta Del Este!

Punta Del Este will host the third Ibero-American cinema Platinum Awards Gala in 2016, which previously was held in the south of Spain in the magnificent city of Marbella last July.
The well-known Spanish producer Enrique Cerezo announced recently at a luncheon at a luxury hotel in Madrid, that the brand new convention center of Punta del Este will host the next gala of the awards in 2016.
The announcement was during an event held at the Palace Hotel in Madrid attended by guests from Latin American cinema industry and diplomatic representatives of several countries, politicians, officials, businessmen, bankers, film makers, opinion leaders and artists.
The General Director of the Awards, Miguel Angel Benzal, said it was not an easy decision since there were very competitive proposals from several countries like Guatemala, Colombia, Dominican Republic and United States. Punta Del Este with its brand new Convention Center is the perfect backstage for this third Gala. The Mayor of Maldonado, engineer Enrique Antia, gave his full support to the initiative.



Latin American’s Best!

The awards celebration, presented for the first time in 2013 in Panama, was organized by the Management Entity Rights of Spanish Audiovisual Producers (EGEDA) and the Latin American Federation of Film and Audiovisual Producers (FIPCA).
During 2016 about 800 works from 23 countries – many of which are great results in festivals, exhibitions and national and international film awards – will compete in this new edition of the Latin American Cinema Platinum Awards.

In the last edition of the Platinum awards held in Marbella, Argentina’s film “Wild Tales” Daniel Szifrón was the big winner by winning eight of the nine awards presented, including best picture and best director.
Miguel Angel Benzal, CEO of EGEDA and Platinum Awards, noted that the cost of the previous gala exceeded, US$30 Million, more than double the economic value of the first edition.

New Award on Education

The Platinum Awards, with thirteen sections, now added a new award for 2016 dedicated to cinema and values in education and an ambitious program with the same theme, will be developing in Latin America.
This program in Spain has led to nearly 1.7 million primary and secondary students, to cinemas, with the aim of educating youth in the values of coexistence, tolerance, respect and integrity.

The Presenters

The Spanish Santiago Segura and Uruguay Natalia Oreiro will be responsible for presenting in Punta Del Este the third edition of the Platinum Awards Latin American Cinema.
With his usual sense of humor, Segura explained that only aims to “liven up” the night because “an awards usually long”; all that is asked Madrid to let him say the script “their way” and put “a little something of his harvest.”
Segura is in favor of Latin American collaboration in every way, because he believes that, in the end everyone benefits. “We must take advantage of the language that unites us,” he said, as an example talks about his work on several co-productions of film and television who lives these days twice: working with Ricardo Darin, Argentina, in Spanish production “The queen of Spain “by Fernando Trueba, and soon will make a series on Brazilian television.

Broadcasting worldwide

Enrique Cerezo proudly announced that the gala will be broadcast in more than 50 countries and TVE via TVE and satellite to the 5 continents. In fact TNT will broadcast the gala in Latin America and the Caribbean at fifty million subscribing households and over one hundred thousand news about the awards were generated.

Maldonado is getting ready for the event

The Convention Center Punta del Este, which will be opened with the Platinum Awards in 2016, and the agency Punto Ogilvy, who was in charge of promoting the Latin Grammy in the United States and in Latin America are working together.
The magnitude of this event that has become the most important of Latin culture with the opening to the Oscar to be held on 23rd and 24th of July in the new Convention Center Punta Del Este (Uruguay), will have a spectacular closing party prepared for 2,500 guests, with no less than five hundred celebrities from the world of cinema.
Mary Ann Thompson

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