Pueblo Eden

Unwinding in Pueblo Eden

Not far from the highway leading into Punta del Este a peaceful small town appears on the left side at km 30 on Route 12. The entrance to this small town is already very inviting and different to other towns in Uruguay.

Several things call the attention of visitors, not only the cleanliness of the streets, the nicely kept houses and gardens, the simple but beautiful main plaza and church, but the amazing 360 degrees views to the fields and hills that surround Pueblo Eden.

Pueblo Eden was discovered 7 years ago by Roberto Giordano a famous Argentinean hair stylist who fell in love with the place and the views and decided to call this his home. He purchased a piece of land 4 km before Pueblo Eden. Majestic gates cannot be missed and draw the attention of visitors driving to Pueblo Eden. The region in fact has also developed a lot in recent years. The land surrounding Pueblo Eden has found new owners that are using new farming techniques to produce in soils that were previously marginal. Olives and vineyards are spreading around the region of Pueblo Eden giving life to the small town.

Tourism and Residents

The good highways and its proximity to the ocean have turned Pueblo Eden into a natural alternative to spend the summer in Punta del Este.

Many tourists rent houses in Pueblo Eden because they prefer the privacy and security of the place. In fact, it is only 30 minutes from the Peninsula of Punta del Este. But the many foreigners that are seen walking around Pueblo Eden are not there just for a summer visit. They have chosen this privileged place to live.

A Curious Restaurant

There is only one single place to have lunch at Pueblo Eden. There are no signs indicating the place but everyone finds it. La Posta de Vaimaca is one of the most original and unique restaurants in Uruguay.

The food is natural and using their own resources and using the old recipes of the local people.

Most of the people venturing into the restaurant are mostly foreigners and Uruguayans on a field trip, which prefer to have lunch surrounded by nature and under the shade of a vine. The idea is to spend time there, enjoying the garden with no hurry, enjoying the original meals. At night the patio is open and offers nice dinner tables under the summer stars.

There is plenty of time in Pueblo Eden. There are several signs indicating the need to slow down and to take it easy. This quiet place invites visitors to visit the small town walking and discovering the beauty of a Uruguayan village with no hurry. Locals are also very helpful and willing to explain how to get by.

Regional Investment

The need to find a safe haven, and the search of a better quality of life, has led to a significant increase in land value never seen before in the region of Pueblo Eden. However, the land values are still below those from Argentina and Brazil. This explains the amount of regional investors in the area of Pueblo Eden.

The use of natural resources and strong investment in rural facilities will hopefully remain in years to come and Pueblo Eden will be a witness of this transformation. For information on Pueblo Eden Properties or Real Estate in Uruguay please contact us. 

We currently have two interesting properties. A small ranch on 5.6 HA for US$ 285k and beautiful 8 HA piece of land on a hill next to Pueblo Eden for $180K!

Mary Ann Thompson


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