Punta Del Este’s Peninsula in the off season

Winter in Punta Del Este!

Punta del Este is a landmark of 30 kilometers of beaches, but it owes its name to the peninsula that divides the Atlantic Ocean and the so well called Rio de la Plata. This geographical division in itself has a very peculiar way to seduce visitors all year round, even more in winter. The absence of heavy traffic makes it even more beautiful.  The paradisiacal views that his magnificent peninsula offers of the wild ocean and the river, is something that visitors cannot miss when they come to Punta del Este.
While strolling around the Punta del Este peninsula visitors can listen to seagulls in the distance and observe them diving for their catch near interesting rock formations that make changing pools of water and allow people to sit and get the sea front scents from the ocean and forget they are in a modern city with plenty of restaurants, pubs and modern shops.
There is always something to do in Punta del Este even in this off season time , whether renting a car, or touring on a bus, even renting a bike will give anyone visiting the Peninsula of Punta del Este  the chance to discover new places .  Gorlero Street, divides de Peninsula of Punta del Este,   where little stores with souvenirs and curious gadgets are everywhere, together with bookstores, boutiques and cafés , inviting people to linger in the Punta Del Este peninsula. The quiet streets and balconies to the beach give a resemblance of unique tranquility and peace.
The Artisans Market on the main square of Punta del Este cannot be missed, plenty of the finest local painters productions are always being exhibited , hand woven jerseys, while old men sitting in the sun spend time playing chess.
While walking further and towards the west of the peninsula, visitors can be drawn to the port, where the sparkling waters, will invite them to stay and observe movement around the  three peers , whilst , fishermen are offering the latest catch of the day and boats are waiting  to cross over to the island Gorriti on the bay of Punta del Este.  Sea wolves that come from the Island of Lobos 15km away from the Peninsula of Punta del Este, await the leftovers of the fish being cleaned for clients.
When walking further around the Peninsula and leaving behind the stronghold peers full of granite blocks to protect the port, you will then have to stop at restaurants which overlook the ocean, from sunrise to sunset you will find yourself in one of the most amazing views of Punta del Este, the Atlantic ocean front, where the high waves rage into the main peninsula coast line leaving a trail of foam and leaving travelers startled at such magnificent beauty.

By Mary Anne Thompson

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