Selenza in Manantiales

Selenza in Manantiales, one of the chicest areas of Punta Del Este, stretches nicely in front of the best beaches between La Barra and Jose Ignacio.

Manantiales keeps an informal beach style, but with first class accommodation, making it one of the unique destinations of the Punta Del Este area. Its beaches are chosen by the jet set in high season especially the famous Bikini Beach on the west of Manantiales.
Manantiales began as a small fishing village and holiday destination of nearby residents. When the bridge of La Barra was built early in 1965 the once distant beaches began to be discovered.
In summer, Manantiales is a town that never sleeps, with sports and beach activities during the day, fashion shows and beach bars with music at sunset attended by a VIP crowd as well. The quiet layout in front of the beach invites visitors to relax and dine in sophisticated restaurants and attend night parties.
The deep rough sea in Manantiales offers plenty of swimming spots and it is very attractive for surfing and kite surfing waves. Surfers are also frequent visitors in the colder months.
International celebrities choose quiet neighborhoods such as Punta Piedras and Manantiales where luxury and serenity is combined.
During the off season the resort town gets some of its original fishermen back fishing by the shore and having occasional fishing club competitions. It’s a good opportunity to appreciate the landscape in all its glory, walking on the fine white sand and enjoying the distant views of Punta Del Este.

Selenza Development

At the end of Manantiales and before Ruta 104 on Highway 10 an example of an upscale excellent development is completing its final stages and is getting ready for launching the new homes. Selenza in Manantiales mega real estate development landed in Punta Del Este with a unique real estate project for Uruguay and South America. The international supermodel Valeria Mazza is the image of Selenza Village and Hotel complex, which consists of 46 apartments, 12 villas and a boutique hotel.
The initial investment of this project is estimated to be more than US$45 million and responds to the entrepreneurial vision of the former ex model, who after meeting the hotel Selenza in Marbella, imagined to entirely replicate the concept in Punta del Este.

Selenza Spa in Manantiales

A variety of treatments can be found at the Selenza Spa with unique technology and products for body care, fitness, relaxation room, massage, hot tub, sauna, steam room and pool dynamics with pure sea water.
Selenza Hotel
The luxury 5-star Boutique Selenza hotel is a real invitation to pleasure, relaxation and good taste.
The care and maintenance of this natural paradise is run as an exclusive Boutique Hotel that also offers all the services and facilities to the home owners so they can enjoy all the priviliged amenities and environment as well.
The Selenza project offers a balance in construction style and in the care of the environment. Manantiales has plenty of springs and nature which is highly preserved in the area.

Selenza on the beach front

Designed with eucalyptus wood with a dramatic avant-garde style, the Selenza beach club is offering lounge chairs and tables facing the sea with beach service and an innovative and refined cuisine with Spanish and regional flavours. This place offers seating for no more than two hundred people, plays chill out music and Bossa Nova, dance and fashion and is destined to become the most exclusive spot to enjoy wonderful sunsets in the evening.


The Investors of the Selenza Hotel Village are Spaniards, Uruguayans and Argentinians, and the project is run by Rayet Argentina, BGL and Vamagra. The Uruguayan architect Gomez Platero is in charge of the project and complex, while the marketing is done by Covello International which will manage partnerships with leading real estate Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Rayet is an industrial group established in the areas of construction and real estate and in recent years has expanded its business activities concessions, services, hotels and media.
The group is already present in Brazil with real estate and construction projects and more recently with the landing of Rayet Construction in Panama and Uruguay, where the company has opened offices to bid public works and to expand to Latin America.



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