Uruguay in the Expo Milan

This Year Uruguay in the Expo Milan 2015 in Italy

Uruguay will participate in the Expo Milano 2015 from May 1st to October 31st 2015 in Milan, Italy.
Uruguay is participating along with other 145 countries in the Milan Expo 2015 where different solutions to the problem “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” will be presented and an estimated 29 million visitors are expected to attend.
Uruguay has much to contribute to this global discussion with its commitment to equity, human development, renewable energy production and agricultural intelligence being a new way of thinking about development for happiness and growth of life. Under the slogan “Life grows in Uruguay”, the Uruguayan pavilion will showcase the features and qualities that make our country a unique place where life, energy and food origin is being cared for.


Uruguay chose the theme of intelligent agriculture production for the exhibition showing method for the manufacturing safe and reliable food that empowers consumer decisions by providing information about the origins of food.
Uruguay’s participation will focus on presenting the experience of traceability, although the other pillars are to be developed in relation to the production and care of the soil and water resources, natural feeding animals, adaptation to climate change (carbon footprint), the responsible management of forest resources (Uruguay is the country in Latin America to increase the area of its ​​native forest), among others.

Although Uruguay is a small country in Latin America, it stands out in the region for its great achievements. One is the determination to achieve electrification rate of 100% and the other to achieve optimal supply of renewable energy in 2015.
The Uruguayan pavilion will showcase the qualities that make our country a unique place to live and being an energy and food trustworthy origin.

Critical Agenda

Uruguay is carrying out a critical agenda working towards a strong participation in this global exposure and building the Uruguay Pavilion at Expo 2015 Milan is consistent with this idea.
The organizers of the Uruguayan pavilion have been working towards to show Uruguay´s commitment to equity, human development, renewable energy and smart agriculture production in the country with original displays that can communicate what the country is really aiming at.
The private sector is also participating and making good use of the facilities to promote their products, activities, services and promote investment opportunities. Public and private organizations, social organizations, cooperatives and companies from the wide variety of sizes and categories of activity, make a list of the more than 70 agreements signed using the brand of Uruguay, “Uruguay Natural” from 2012 to date.
The image of “Uruguay Natural” is present in most packaging, stationery and labels of well-known Uruguayan brands, and many others that have chosen to associate for the Expo Milan 2015.


There will be a restaurant with renowned Uruguayan chefs with a dining area with iPads giving information of the producer and region meat chosen on the menu.
The program will include cultural events such as film screenings, performances of artists and informative talks in different languages ​​and has a significant contribution in terms of innovation.
Uruguayan Tannat’s will be offered showing the wide selections and variety of wine production in Uruguay.

Special Design

Designed by Uruguayan Architects, the country pavilion of 785 m2 and three stories high will feature innovative design that will house various interpretive spaces where visitors can experience our food, culture, landscapes and traditions. Its architecture was designed to achieve a perfect environmental balance between green and built spaces. It has a spiral structure to be made from entirely reusable and recyclable materials.
The pavilion at the Expo Milan 2015 is already completed. In the 785 square meters building a three-story sculpture of important dimensions of artist Pablo Atchugarry welcomes visitors. It is five meters high and was made from olive wood.
A canvas with the history of immigrants in the course of centuries shows how settlers influenced Uruguay and is now showing results such as the traceability of meat, production of renewable energy and other aspects such as football and care for the environment.
Visitors who visit the Pavilion of Uruguay at the Expo Milano 2015 will experience videos on different issues such as renewable energy innovation.
This is a great opportunity for Uruguay to enhance its international positioning based on what is natural production and quality of life.
Edited by Mary Ann Thompson

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