Agro Field San Jacinto near Montevideo

San Jacinto , Uruguay
ID: 5603 1700000 M2Grundstücksgröße
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A great agro field San Jacinto near Montevideo for sale in a perfect location 40 minutes from the capital. Equipped with a caretaker’s house comprising two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and dining room. There is a large shed, a jetty, livestock pen and feeding tube. There are also five paddocks and several ponds, and the field is next to Pando Stream. There have been no robberies or rustling during the last 25 years. There are 9 adjoining plots in total with a CONEAT index average of 140, and there are currently 43 has. planted with soya beans and beinging cultivated, with an above average production over the last year. The rest of the land is used for livestock. An ideal location with caretaker, just 3km from Highway 11.

Eigenschaften der Immobilie

Eigenschaften der Immobilie
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