Unique Historic Farm along the San Juan River near Colonia

Colonia , Uruguay
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This unique historic farm along the San Juan River near Colonia is only 30 km away from the historic town Colonia and has more than 1 km of river coast access, which can be navigated upstream from the Rio de la Plata. The old house was built 1697 through 1699, and is fully renovated. The barns are the same age and have milking machinery for up to 80 cows and could be easily upgraded. There are 2 other houses for employees and one could be used as a guest-house. It offers electricity and telephone. It is very close from route 21 that leads to Carmelo by a very good road. All fences are in good condition, it offers wheat, soy and other crops and is 90% agricultural. The rest of the land is pasture for the cattle. Due to being at the river it is very easy to irrigate and improve production. It was originally part of the actual “Parque Anchorena” which was the presidential vacation farm. A true jewel.

Eigenschaften der Immobilie

Eigenschaften der Immobilie
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