Elmo Resto Bar, Manantiales

El Chorro by Manantiales

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Elmo Resto Bar is a charming place

Elmo is located in El Chorro, off the main road in Manantiales by Punta Piedras, and for first-time visitors not easy to find.  But once you make it there, you will be surprised by the special atmosphere and simple surroundings, which awaits you.  An advanced reservation is also recommended since the restaurant is very popular and where you can eat one of the best Pizzas on the coast!  The menu is small, but what they offer is all handmade and incredibly good. The prices used to be very affordable, but have gone up since they became more known.

A personal favorite and highly recommended by Team Haverkate!

El Chorro, Manantiales, Maldonado, Tel. +598 94 069 111