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La Bourgogne, Punta Del Este

La-Bourgogne-in-Punta-Del-Este-400x223Type: French Restaurant

Punta Del Este, Maldonado






La Bourgogne in Punta Del Este, exclusive French Restaurant


At the heart of Punta Del Este you find one of the most exclusive Uruguayan French Restaurants – La Bourgogne. The chef Jean-Paul Bondoux has recreated a corner of his native Burgundy. Authentic French cuisine seasoned with their own farm products.  The food and ambience is outstanding from the time you walk into the restaurant and leave again.  However this all comes with a pretty hefty price tag!


Pedragosa Sierra y Av. Del Mar. Call +598 42 482 007. The shop next to the restaurant pays a tribute to France and you will find brioches, croissants and cheeses, which you will not find anywhere else in Uruguay.