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Bettina from the “E&V Team Haverkate” has supported us in our real estate search from the beginning very competently and sympathetically. When we had not yet found a suitable object in September 2021, she continued to work on proposals after our departure and then also quite suddenly identified the Chacra, which fits us exactly. She has super supported the negotiations with the seller and helped with translations. Very important was the use of the iGUIDE, because we made the purchase decision without being present on site. Her information about the additional costs was absolutely precise. Bettina’s recommendation to use Guyer&Regules as a notary paid off completely. She was authorized by us to sign the “Promise of Sale”. After the purchase, Bettina did the handover, and now just further assisted in taking over the electricity supply UTE, starting the garden maintenance, opening a UY bank account, and setting up the house insurance, …… We met in business through our real estate purchase, but I am sure that this will turn into a real friendship far beyond this transaction.

Gerd-Ulrich Bekurs

Stuttgart, Germany

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