Events during High Season 2014 in Punta Del Este


Less Argentineans and more International Tourism in the Punta Del Este area.

This could be the forecast of any past season but this time Punta will be extreme. One more thing to add to the lack of Argentineans are that the brands from Buenos Aires that follow their clients every year will not cross over and new brands will take their place. In fact the season is already here. The arrival of Argentineans that always takes place in the last week of December will not occur. Americans and Europeans are taking the space this time turning Jose Ignacio into a more international place of speaking different languages. Also ​​Brazilians, who prefer this region to rest have undoubtedly more spending power and are already in Punta del Este. Although different, this new summer in Punta Del Este will not miss plenty of events. Below are some of them.

1. Jose Ignacio will be the Place to be during this High Season 2014.

Young people on the beach of jose ignacio
Young people on the beach of Jose Ignacio

Manantiales offered plenty of gastronomic novelties last summer, but this high season 2014, Jose Ignacio is back with new initiatives. One of them was inaugurated precisely this week: La Susana. Located at the entrance of Jose Ignacio, this restaurant/inn is part of a new  project of Alex Vik, a Norwegian millionaire who loves these beaches and is the owner of  Estancia Vik and Playa Vik. Also a few blocks in downtown José Ignacio, Martin Pittaluga – the creator of the successful restaurant La Huella considered by British magazine Restaurant the best of Uruguay – will open this season the restaurant Teresa. A one star Michelin restaurant from Mallorca, Le Jardin is also opening it’s doors this weekend in Jose Ignacio. Together with the other exclusive restaurants in José Ignacio such as El Almacen and El Palmar of Jean Paul Bondoux, Jose Ignacio is turning into the most unique Eastern gastronomic pole for the high season 2014. Surely booking a table will not be easy before January 6.


2. Art Experience Tour

The Second edition finished last week with great success and top sales and it is already becoming a classic opening event of the season. During three days, 15 artists who created selected works show it at places such as Narbona and Fasano.

3. Parties on the Beach

Restaurant Namm in Jose Ignacio
Restaurant Namm in Jose Ignacio

Laguna Escondida owned by Etchebarne, who has one of the best locations to do this has already organized the first this month. These parties will be a constant attraction during the whole high season 2014.

4. International parties

The classical Lacoste party next Friday at La Huella, the Chandon party, this time in a more limited and exclusive location – in the Tinayre’s house in Jose Ignacio are a couple of the parties taking place. Plenty of guests will be present on these occasions.  But the first big party will be organized by Hed Kandi at La Susana on the 28th of December . This legendary party in Ibiza arrives to Jose Ignacio mostly for Brazilian public. And as for the electronic music, David Guetta will be present at El Jagüel on January 4th.

5. Los Olivos – Garzón

The olive road will be frequently visited this high season 2014. Alejandro Bulgheroni owner of Altos de Garzon supervises personally his 500 hectares of olive groves. The route to the olive plantation, a detour from Route 9, is known as “the road of the olive” and is a must-see to enjoy comparable landscapes of Tuscany.

6. Sails in the Sky.

Among the aquatic sports fashion, the most popular one for the high season 2014 will be kite sailing, activity for the rich young executives who are filling the sky with kites during this high season 2014. December 2013 is the winner month for high season 2014.  It is high season one month ahead of time. December is when the Americans, Europeans and Brazilians spend their holidays and contribute to  economic revenue. High season 2014 is already in action.

wave events Jose Ignacio
wave events Jose Ignacio

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